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CD       2CELLOS                                  2 CELLOS                                          
CD       2CELLOS                                  CELLOVERSE                                        
CD+DVD   2CELLOS                                  CELLOVERSE (DE-LUXE – 1 CD + 1 DVD)               
CD       2CELLOS                                  IN2ITION                                          
CD       A$AP ROCKY                               AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP                                 
CD       AC/DC                                    BACK IN BLACK                                     
CD       AC/DC                                    BALLBREAKER                                       
CD       AC/DC                                    BLACK ICE                                         
CD       AC/DC                                    BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO                                
CD       AC/DC                                    DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP                       
CD       AC/DC                                    FLICK OF THE SWITCH                               
CD       AC/DC                                    FLY ON THE WALL                                   
CD       AC/DC                                    FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK (WE SALUTE YOU)           
CD       AC/DC                                    HIGH VOLTAGE                                      
CD       AC/DC                                    HIGHWAY TO HELL                                   
CD       AC/DC                                    IF YOU WANT BLOOD YOU’VE GOT IT                   
CD       AC/DC                                    IRON MAN 2                                        
CD       AC/DC                                    JAILBREAK ’74                                     
CD       AC/DC                                    LET THERE BE ROCK                                 
CD       AC/DC                                    LIVE ’92                                          
CD       AC/DC                                    LIVE AT RIVER PLATE                               
CD       AC/DC                                    POWERAGE                                          
CD       AC/DC                                    ROCK OR BUST                                      
CD       AC/DC                                    STIFF UPPER LIP                                   
CD       AC/DC                                    THE RAZORS EDGE                                   
CD       AC/DC                                    WHO MADE WHO                                      
CD       ACCEPT                                   METAL HEART                                       
CD       ADAMS, RYAN                              1989
CD       ADAMS, RYAN                              RYAN ADAMS                                        
CD       ADAMS, RYAN                              TEN SONGS FROM LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL              
CD       AEROSMITH                                COMPLETE CLASSICS LIVE                            
CD       AEROSMITH                                DRAW THE LINE                                     
CD       AEROSMITH                                GREATEST HITS                                     
CD       AEROSMITH                                HONKIN’ ON BOBO                                   
CD       AEROSMITH                                JUST PUSH PLAY                                    
CD       AEROSMITH                                LIVE BOOTLEG                                      
CD       AEROSMITH                                NIGHT IN THE RUTS                                 
CD       AEROSMITH                                NINE LIVES                                        
CD       AEROSMITH                                ROCKS                                             
CD       AEROSMITH                                THE ESSENTIAL AEROSMITH                           
CD       AEROSMITH                                TOYS IN THE ATTIC                                 
CD       ALABAMA                                  MOUNTAIN MUSIC “THE BEST OF ALABAMA”              
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT                     EYE IN THE SKY                                    
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT                     I ROBOT                                           
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT                     PYRAMID                                           
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT                     THE TURN OF A FRIENDLY CARD                       
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THE                GREATEST HITS                                     
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THE                I ROBOT (LEGACY EDITION)                          
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THE                THE BEST OF ALAN PARSONS PROJECT                  
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THE                THE COLLECTION                                    
CD       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THE                THE TURN OF A FRIENDLY CARD                       
CD       ALICE IN CHAINS                          ALICE IN CHAINS                                   
CD       ALICE IN CHAINS                          DIRT                                              
CD       ALICE IN CHAINS                          FACELIFT                                          
CD       ALICE IN CHAINS                          GREATEST HITS                                     
CD       ALICE IN CHAINS                          JAR OF FLIES                                      
CD       ALICE IN CHAINS                          UNPLUGGED                                         
CD       ALMAMEGRETTA                             ANIMAMIGRANTE                                     
CD       ALMAMEGRETTA                             LINGO – NEW VERSION                               
CD       ALMAMEGRETTA                             SANACORE                                          
CD       AMOS, TORI                               AMERICAN DOLL POSSE                               
CD       AMOS, TORI                               SCARLET’S WALK                                    
CD       AREA                                     ARE(A)ZIONE                                       
CD       AREA                                     CAUTION RADIATION AREA                            
CD       AREA                                     CRAC!                                             
CD       AREA                                     GIOIA E RIVOLUZIONE                               
CD       AREA                                     MALEDETTI                                         
CD       ARTI + MESTIERI                          UNIVERSI PARALLELI                                
CD       ATKINS / KNOPFLER                        NECK AND NECK                                     
CD       AUDIOSLAVE                               AUDIOSLAVE                                        
CD       AVRIL                                    GOODBYE LULLABY                                   
CD       AVRIL                                    LET GO                                            
CD       AVRIL                                    THE BEST DAMN THING                               
CD       AVRIL                                    THE BEST DAMN THING/UNDER MY SKIN                 
CD       BACKYARD BABIES                          FOUR BY FOUR                                      
CD       BAEZ, JOAN                               LIVE                                              
CD       BANDABARDO’                              IL CIRCO MANGIONE                                 
CD       BANDABARDO’                              INIZIALI BI-BI                                    
CD       BANGLES                                  ETERNAL FLAME: THE BEST OF                        
CD       BECK, JEFF                               JEFF BECK GROUP                                   
CD       BECK, JEFF                               JEFF BECK’S GUITAR SHOP                           
CD       BECK, JEFF                               THE COLLECTION                                    
CD       BENNATO, EDOARDO                         BURATTINO SENZA FILI                              
CD       BENNATO, EDOARDO                         EDOARDO BENNATO                                   
CD       BENNATO, EDOARDO                         GLI ANNI 70                                       
CD       BENNATO, EDOARDO                         I BUONI E I CATTIVI                               
CD       BENNATO, EDOARDO                         L’ISOLA CHE NON C’E’                              
CD       BENNATO, EDOARDO                         NON FARTI CADERE LE BRACCIA                       
CD       BENNATO, EDOARDO                         SALVIAMO IL SALVABILE                             
CD       BENNATO, EDOARDO                         SONO SOLO CANZONETTE                              
CD       BLACK SABBATH                            REUNION                                           
CD       BLONDIE                                  ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS                           
CD       BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS                   BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS                              
CD       BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS                   GREATEST HITS                                     
CD       BLUE OYSTER CULT                         AGENTS OF FORTUNE                                 
CD       BLUE OYSTER CULT                         BLUE OYSTER CULT                                  
CD       BLUE OYSTER CULT                         SECRET TREATIES                                   
CD       BLUVERTIGO                               ACIDI E BASI                                      
CD       BLUVERTIGO                               METALLO NON METALLO                               
CD       BLUVERTIGO                               ZERO                                              
CD       BOSTON                                   DON’T LOOK BACK                                   
CD       BOSTON                                   GREATEST HITS                                     
CD       BOWIE, DAVID                              A REALITY TOUR (DIGIPACK)                        
CD       BOWIE, DAVID                             BLACKSTAR                                         
CD       BOWIE, DAVID                             HEATHEN                                           
CD       BOWIE, DAVID                             REALITY                                           
CD       BOWIE, DAVID                             THE NEXT DAY                                      
CD       BOWIE, DAVID                             THE NEXT DAY                                      
CD+DVD   BOWIE, DAVID                             THE NEXT DAY EXTRA                                
CD       BRING ME THE HORIZON                     SEMPITERNAL                                       
CD       BRING ME THE HORIZON                     THAT’S THE SPIRIT                                 
CD       BUCKLEY, JEFF                            GRACE                                             
CD       BUCKLEY, JEFF                            GRACE – LEGACY EDITION STANDARD JEWELCASE         
CD       BUCKLEY, JEFF                            HALLELUJAH “THE BEST OF”                          
CD       BUCKLEY, JEFF                            LIVE AT SIN-E’ (2 CD JEWELCASE)                   
CD       BUCKLEY, JEFF                            SKETCHES FOR MY SWEETHEART THE DRUNK/GRACE        
CD       BUCKLEY, JEFF                            YOU AND I                                         
CD       BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE                  SCREAM AIM FIRE/FEVER                             
CD       BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE                  THE POISON/SCREAM AIM FIRE                        
CD       BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE                  VENOM (DELUXE EDITION)                            
CD       BYRDS, THE                               EIGHT MILES HIGH “THE BEST OF”                    
CD       BYRDS, THE                               FIFTH DIMENSION                                   
CD       BYRDS, THE                               TURN! TURN! TURN! THE BYRDS ULTIMATE COLLECTION   
CD       BYRDS, THE                               YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY                            
CD       CALE, JJ                                 THE SILVERTONE YEARS                              
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             AT SAN QUENTIN & AT FOLSOM PRISON                 
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             AT SAN QUENTIN/AT FOLSOM PRISON                   
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             KONCERT V PRAZE (IN PRAGUE- LIVE)                 
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             MAN IN BLACK – THE VERY BEST OF                   
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             MAN IN BLACK: LIVE IN DEMARK 1971                 
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             OUT AMONG THE STARS                               
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             THE COLLECTION…                                 
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             THE GREATEST: THE NUMBER ONES                     
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             THE MAN IN BLACK                                  
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             THE REAL JOHNNY CASH                              
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             THE REAL JOHNNY CASH                              
CD       CASH, JOHNNY                             VH1 STORYTELLERS                                  
CD       CIOTTI, ROBERTO                          BLUESMAN                                          
CD       CLASH, THE                               COMBAT ROCK                                       
CD       CLASH, THE                               COMBAT ROCK                                       
CD       CLASH, THE                               CUT THE CRAP                                      
CD       CLASH, THE                               LONDON CALLING                                    
CD       CLASH, THE                               LONDON CALLING                                    
CD       CLASH, THE                               LONDON CALLING / COMBAT ROCK                      
CD+DVD   CLASH, THE                               LONDON CALLING 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION           
CD       CLASH, THE                               SANDINISTA!                                       
CD       CLASH, THE                               SANDINISTA!                                       
CD       CLASH, THE                               THE CLASH                                         
CD       CLASH, THE                               THE CLASH (UK VERSION)                            
CD       CLASH, THE                               THE CLASH HITS BACK                               
CD       CLASH, THE                               THE ESSENTIAL CLASH                               
CD       CLASH, THE                               THE SINGLES                                       
CD       COCKER, JOE                              FIRE IT UP – LIVE                                 
CD       COCKER, JOE                              THE LIFE OF A MAN – THE ULTIMATE HITS 1964 – 2014 
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           CAN’T FORGET: A SOUVENIR OF THE GRAND TOUR        
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           COHEN LIVE                                        
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           GREATEST HITS                                     
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           I’M YOUR MAN                                      
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           LIVE IN DUBLIN                                    
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           LIVE SONGS                                        
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           MORE BEST OF                                      
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           OLD IDEAS                                         
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           POPULAR PROBLEMS                                  
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           RECENT SONGS                                      
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           SONGS FROM A ROOM                                 
CD+DVD   COHEN, LEONARD                           SONGS FROM THE ROAD (CD+DVD)                      
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN                            
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           SONGS OF LOVE AND HATE                            
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           TEN NEW SONGS                                     
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           THE ESSENTIAL                                     
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           THE ESSENTIAL LEONARD COHEN                       
CD       COHEN, LEONARD                           THE FUTURE                                        
CD       COLONNA SONORA                           ARMAGEDDON                                        
CD       COLONNA SONORA                           DALL’ALBA AL TRAMONTO (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN)       
CD       COLONNA SONORA                           FOOTLOOSE -15TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTORS ED         
CD       COLONNA SONORA                           FORREST GUMP                                      
CD       COLONNA SONORA                           OVER THE TOP                                      
CD       COLONNA SONORA                           PHILADELPHIA                                      
CD       COLONNA SONORA                           ROCK OF AGES                                      
CD       COLONNA SONORA                           TOP GUN (EXPANDED EDITION)                        
CD       COOPER, ALICE                            HEY STUPID                                        
CD       COOPER, ALICE                            SPARK IN THE DARK: THE BEST OF ALICE COOPER       
CD       COOPER, ALICE                            TRASH